Discounted Dental Plans

Our Direct, Discounted Dental Plans for More Affordable Care

At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we accept a wide variety of dental insurance plans to make quality care accessible to more patients. However, patients without insurance can also benefit from more affordable treatment through our direct dental plan, provided through Doctors Network!

Despite changes to health care and insurance system in the U.S., such as the Affordable Care Act, many patients still have trouble affording dental insurance. Those that can often can’t afford to pay expensive out-of-pocket costs when their insurance company refuses to cover their treatment. Therefore, we’ve partnered with Doctors Network to significantly reduce the costs of dental treatments by offering a dental plan directly to patients, without a meddling insurance company to complicate things.

A Better Way to Pay for Dental Treatment

With our direct, discounted dental plan, patients throughout Phoenix, Arizona, and all of the surrounding communities can enjoy a better and easier way to pay for their dental care. Rather than paying a third-party insurance company, our plan allows you to pay a small activation fee and a low monthly subscription of only $34.99.

Under the direct dental plan, you can receive unlimited exams, cleanings, and X-rays for only $25 per visit. If you need a filling, crown, dental implant, Invisalign®, or more, then you can receive high-quality treatment discounted up to 80%! This is especially beneficial to patients who have suffered dental health issues due to an inability to pay for preventive care in the past.

Why Choose Doctors Network’s Direct Plan?

Though similar to insurance, Doctors Network and Thomas & Thomas Dental’s Direct Dental Plan is not dental insurance, and you should not consider it a replacement for insurance coverage. Unlike insurance, your low monthly subscription fee is set by Dr. Thomas and Dr. Thomas and will not change due to the discretion of a third-party company.

Enjoy greater peace of mind by always knowing what your dental treatment will cost, and knowing that you’ll receive the high-quality care that you and your family deserve. With no surprise charges, hidden fees, or sudden increases, you can take better care of your smile and overall health by signing up for our direct dental plan.

Sign Up for More Affordable Dentistry in Phoenix, Arizona

If you’d like to know more about our direct dental plan and how to sign up, then contact our dentist’s office in Phoenix, Arizona, today. You can also learn more by calling Doctors Network at Thomas & Thomas Dental or visiting their website at

When you sign up for our direct dental plan, be sure to choose Dr. Mitchell Thomas or Dr. Kristine Thomas as your dental health care provider!

Direct Dental Health Plan – FAQs

A direct dental health plan is a simpler and more affordable way to receive top-notch, highly personalized dental treatment without relying solely on insurance. An individual plan only costs an initial activation fee of $34.99, and an equal monthly subscription fee. Your direct dental health plan will significantly reduce the overall costs of your dental health care, regardless of what dental treatments you need.

Whether or not you already have dental insurance, you can benefit greatly from a dental health plan offered directly through Doctors Network and Thomas & Thomas Dental. The direct dental plan is not insurance, nor should it be considered a replacement for your existing coverage (if applicable). The purpose of the plan is simply to reduce the costs of your dental care and treatment options, even if a portion of your treatment is already covered by insurance.

Excellent dental health requires routine maintenance at the dentist’s office (i.e., regular checkups and cleanings), the costs of which can quickly add up when they’re paid out-of-pocket. To help you successfully prevent serious dental issues from forming and avoid the need for more extensive treatment, you can attend routine checkups and cleanings for only $25 per visit when you sign up for Thomas & Thomas Dental’s direct dental plan. When necessary, diagnostic imaging and X-rays are included in the cost.

Even non-essential, but still important, cosmetic options are discounted through our direct dental health plan. For instance, professional teeth-whitening, which is designed to quickly and effectively erase embarrassing teeth stains, isn’t usually covered by dental insurance. However, with your direct dental plan, you can periodically brighten your smile to keep up its youthful appearance in a safe and affordable manner.

If you need to straighten crooked teeth but don’t want your smile to be hindered by conspicuous braces, then you’ll be happy to know that Invisalign® treatment is now an affordable alternative at our Phoenix dental office! Like teeth-whitening, Invisalign® isn’t typically covered by insurance, but it is included in the comprehensive list of services that are discounted through your direct dental plan.

Dr. Thomas, Dr. Thomas and our team prefer to use biocompatible tooth-colored fillings when treating cavities, but many patients have been unable to select the more advanced treatment due to insurance restrictions. The main purpose for joining Doctors Network is so that we can make even the highest quality treatment options a viable, affordable solution for all patients. That includes replacing old, metal fillings with safer and more cosmetically appealing tooth-colored ones.

Virtually everyone in and around the Phoenix, Arizona, community are eligible for a direct dental health plan with Thomas & Thomas Dental. There is no pre-screening, and therefore no possibility of discrimination based on age, race, sex, or the existence of pre-existing dental conditions. To learn more about your eligibility, speak with Dr. Thomas or Dr. Thomas about the plan’s requirements during your next visit.

The good news for patients who have experienced tooth loss is that, with our direct dental health plan, the comprehensive benefits of dental implants are now within more affordable reach! Until now, paying for dental implants was a challenge even for patients with dental insurance due to most insurance plans’ refusal to cover them. Now, patients who sign up with Thomas & Thomas Dental’s direct plan can receive up to 80% discounts on their dental implant treatment.

To find out more about your eligibility and the many benefits of a direct dental health plan, contact Dr. Mitchell Thomas or Dr. Kristine Thomas at our Phoenix dental office today. You can also contact Doctors Network directly by calling (602) 598-0338, or by emailing [email protected].

If you’re ready to experience the life-changing benefits of a direct dental health plan, then sign up by visiting During the sign up process, be sure to choose Dr. Mitchell Thomas or Dr. Kristine Thomas as your dental care provider.

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