Scaling and root planing is the simplest procedure that cures mild gum disease. For its advanced stage, however, more complicated treatments like gum graft surgery and dental crown lengthening are recommended. Merely hearing these two therapies is quite frightening. Imagine the processes involved—painful, uncomfortable, and lengthy, that’s for sure. Laser treatment is the opposite of this procedure. It offers painless and short process. Here at Thomas & Thomas Dental, we encourage patients with periodontal disease to undergo laser therapy. The benefits that they can get after receiving the said dental service includes the following:

Impressive Outcome

Laser treatment allows patients to embrace the best results. The effect of the therapy is quite long-lasting. It is known that those patients who avail of the treatment relish excellent gum health for five years following their laser procedures.

Comfortable Treatment

The thing about surgery is that it can create unwanted discomforts for patients. When surgical operations are performed, anesthesia will not suffice. Instead, the dentists use a more heavy sedative like general anesthetics to ensure the patient’s comfort. Laser treatment, on the other hand, is pain-free.

Fast Healing Time

Another significant difference between gum surgery and laser treatment is their recovery period. Surgical procedures may include cutting or slicing of the tissues; so obviously, they will take a long time to heal. Laser treatment doesn’t require sutures which means that the patients’ healing duration is quick.

Not Lengthy

As fast as its healing period, laser treatment also has a benefit of a shorter procedure. In some instances, treating gum disease with surgery usually requires four dental visits plus some follow-ups appointment for the removal of sutures and the like—this is not the case with laser therapy.

Minimal Food Restrictions

Dental professionals advise patients to eat soft foods for a few days after their treatment. But other people normally feel comfortable to consume the foods that they like right after their laser therapy is completed.

Laser therapy made treatment for gum disease even more comfortable. With this modern method, patients will no longer have a second-thought in curing their periodontal problems.


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