Even after your filling is put in place and has replaced the decayed tooth area, you may still be experiencing pain or sensitivity. You could even begin to worry that something is wrong. Tooth sensitivity after fillings are actually very common, so there is no need to be worried! It’s normal to experience sensitivity for several days, even up to a few weeks, after your filling has been put in.

Why is this so?

The closer your dentist must drill to the nerve for a procedure, the less insulation there is for your tooth nerve against the food you eat and harsh temperatures. If your dentist had to drill quite close to the tooth nerve, you may feel more sensitive than others who have had fillings. This is no doubt uncomfortable, but not a sign of a major problem. As long as the sensitivity is not getting worse, you will be fine and it will eventually completely go away.

However, if your pain is increasing or it has been longer than a few weeks with severe tooth sensitivity, you should contact a dental professional right away. You may need to be checked out. At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we take pride in taking care of all your dental needs and would like to be able to help. You can also book an appointment online if that is more convenient for you. In addition to our general dentists, we also have four dental specialists who visit our office so that you can receive the dental care you need in one convenient location. We offer cosmetic and restorative dental services, endodontic care, periodontics and oral surgery to help you achieve all of your dental and cosmetic goals. If your pain is not subsiding, don’t wait another day to come see us.

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