The idea of teeth whitening has been available for thousands of years, and since then it has been improved to provide favorable and safe treatments. Nowadays the popularity of the treatment has been steadily increasing since it is highly effective in giving bright smiles that are wanted by many.

Teeth whitening kits are now readily available at drugstores and even online, but dentists do not recommend this type of products. Not only is it not potent, but it can also cause irritations on the gums or other soft tissues. The trays provided may be too small or big for the teeth to get full coverage for better results.

At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we are proud to offer both Zoom and Opalescence whitening brands that are highly respected nowadays. We perform the procedures professionally, and we can also provide take-home kits for patients convenience. Office take-home kits compared to over the counter products are proven safe and effective since it utilizes custom-made trays for each patient.

History of Teeth Whitening

Primitive ways of keeping the teeth clean started by using thorns and frayed sticks for scraping the teeth clean. Civilizations even came up with their techniques for the improvement of the teeth.

  • Ancient Egyptians were the first ones who came up with a teeth technique which uses the mixture of ground pumice and wine vinegar as a paste. For them, bright teeth suggest one’s wealth and social standing.
  • Romans recognized the whitening properties of ammonia, they created a mixture of goats milk and stale urine to get its effect for brighter teeth but was later abandoned.
  • There was also a time when people were advised to rub their teeth with sage, salt, or elecampane flower is scrubbed on the teeth for its effects.
  • Barbers served as dentists at some point for the dental care of many people. To alleviate patient’s pain and discomfort they tend to extract the tooth without performing other measures. For teeth whitening, they will use a metal file to scrape the tooth’s surface then apply nitric acid.
  • The closest whitening technique was accidentally discovered by the 19th century. Dentists were experimenting with the treatment of gum disease when they came across a peroxide-based solution. The compound helped the gums and also has a whitening effect on the teeth.

Since then, teeth whitening has been continuously improved to provide brighter and whiter smiles for everyone appearance and wellness.

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