Every new year, many people tend to create a list of resolutions they want to tackle throughout the year. Some of the most common resolutions involve general health. Many plan to get gym memberships, jog every day, eat healthier food, or avoid fast food. Unfortunately, people tend to forget about their oral health. This 2020, why not take this opportunity to get back on track by committing to proper dental care. To help, we at Thomas & Thomas Dental prepared a list of tips below!

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Floss every day

Many are guilty of skipping the floss since they think that brushing the teeth is already enough to clean the mouth. Since brushing covers the surface of the teeth, how about the portions in between? Without flossing, patients allow bacteria to cause the formation of tooth decay, gum disease, and even infection. That is why dentists highly encourage everyone to not only brush the teeth twice a day but also to floss at least once daily. This particular practice is ideal for cleaning the areas where toothbrush bristles cannot reach.

Never delay dental treatments

If patients are advised by dentists to take advantage of a particular dental service, it is ideal for them to follow through. Any recommendation for immediate treatment is not something to be ignored since it means that there is something that concerns your dentist. For example, they may have noticed a cavity that is starting to form after an x-ray or that a filling shows signs of falling out. Ignoring these problems can cause them to suffer from pain, infection, or even tooth loss. By taking action as advised, patients can avoid more serious complications. Remember, delaying the needed dental attention only means postponing what is inevitable. Make sure to listen to your dentist to avoid serious problems in the long run.

Stop bad habits

Some habits can affect a person’s teeth, gums, or even overall dental health. One example is smoking. Aside from its negative effects on the body, this vice can also stain the teeth, lead to gum disease, cause painful infections, result in irreversible damage to the enamel, and even oral cancer.

Book a complete dental checkup

Aside from observing proper oral care at home and kicking bad practices, scheduling routine dental appointments are vital to achieving excellent overall oral health. The procedures we at Thomas & Thomas Dental perform during complete checkups include professional cleaning, oral cancer screening, digital x-ray, and fluoride application. All of these are vitally essential to make sure that the teeth are kept healthy and monitored properly to avoid any potential complications. It is best to book dental appointments every six months for the best possible oral care.


Everyone deserves outstanding dental care, that is why we at Thomas & Thomas Dental provide Complete Checkups in Phoenix, AZ! Take advantage of this service at least twice a year for best results.


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