The strong points of Invisalign clear aligners are its virtually invisible appearance due to the absence of metal brackets and wires that are associated with the traditional orthodontic appliance. Despite this, the device is still able to correct the malocclusions and overcrowding effectively. Teens and adults who are usually concerned about how they look now became more confident in undergoing the procedure.

At Thomas & Thomas Dental, not only are we committed to giving patients the dental health care they deserve but our practice also helps in any other way that we can. Invisalign is undeniably popular nowadays, so more and more people are getting curious about how will the process work. With that being said, here are the most common things everyone should know before getting Invisalign.

  • As with any other orthodontic treatment, a lifestyle adjustment may be necessary with Invisalign. Patients should commit to wearing the dental appliance for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. Doing so can ensure that the device would work effectively in moving the teeth to their proper positions.
  • Typically, dentists will advise patients that the trays should be replaced every two weeks. As the aligners are provided by set and sequence, it is the patient’s job to follow the instructions given by the dental professional.
  • It is normal to feel discomfort with any orthodontic appliance, but with Invisalign, it is reduced. Wearing a new set of aligner may cause pain but as soon as the mouth adjusts, the two following weeks would go smoothly.
  • Invisalign uses a clear thermoplastic appliance to appear as transparent as possible. Other people may view it as something different on the teeth but cannot quite pinpoint the change. The teeth may appear shinier than it normally is but mostly it will remain unnoticeable.
  • Wearing the clear aligner may cause the patient to lisp slightly, but this will eventually disappear as the patient adjusts to the orthodontic appliance.
  • The aligner trays are not designed to withstand chewing pressure, so it is advised to remove the appliance when eating.
  • When drinking beverages other than plain water, the tray should also be removed to prevent it from being stained.
  • Instead of visiting the dentist every month for adjustments, dentists may recommend the patient to schedule an appointment every six to eight weeks.


The road to straighter, healthier teeth begins with an orthodontic appointment. If you’re looking for Invisalign in Phoenix, AZ, contact us at Thomas & Thomas Dental and schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure to answer any other questions you might have!


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