Dentures usually last for around five to ten years. Depending on the wear and tear that the restorative device goes through every day, the need for wearers to get a new set of dentures may hasten.

Whether you are planning to replace your damaged dentures, or restore your missing teeth, we at Thomas & Thomas Dental can cater to your needs! We have fixed dentures which our patients can take advantage of. The thing about this type of oral device is that it uses dental implants for a secure restoration. Unlike the regular denture, this option can withstand for a lifetime if proper care is given. So if you are wearing removable dentures and want something that can last longer, it’s wise to consider fixed dentures—especially if the irregularities mentioned below are noticed.


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When Should Dentures Be Replaced?

Here are the indications that patients should get new dentures:

  • Wearers should change their dentures if their oral device doesn’t fit well anymore. When patients continue to wear their loose fitting dentures, they are only risking their gums and other soft tissues in the mouth for irritations.
  • Dentures need to be replaced as well if they have visible cracks or chips which can cause unwanted cuts to the wearer.
  • The most obvious sign that wearers need to consider when deciding for a denture replacement is discomfort. When the oral device no longer feels comfortable in the mouth, then there must be a problem with the appliance that needs immediate assistance.
  • Worn out dentures may create eating and speaking difficulty to wearers. The restorative device, in the first place, is meant to help the person with their daily functions—not add them a burden. If the denture is not anymore useful, then it’s time to ditch it and get a new one. That way, your health, as well as overall wellness, will not be compromised.

Replacing old dentures doesn’t just allow wearers to smile with no worries; they can also be saved with the consequences that a worn down restorative appliance might bring.


Removable dentures may be a cheaper alternative. But if performance and longevity are to be considered, Fixed Dentures in Phoenix, AZ is our top recommendation. Visit Thomas & Thomas Dental if you want to own high-quality dental restoration. We are located at 7150 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020.


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