Drinking coffee, enjoying a few glasses of wine, smoking cigarettes, and other habits all add up to take a serious toll on the color of your teeth. Are you tired of off-white, yellow, beige, and just plain not-white-enough teeth? Brushing your teeth just doesn’t seem to take care of it. There is something you can do it about it! Professional teeth whitening is the best way to take years of damage off of your teeth and give you the pearly white smile you are dreaming of.

#1 A professional teeth whitening will be thorough.

#2 It will be higher-strength whitening that you can do at home.

#3 It is much quicker than doing it every night for months at home.

#4 You can’t mess it up, because it isn’t you doing it!

#5 It is quite comfortable, unlike over-the-counter treatments that lead to tooth sensitivity.

#6 You get to pick your shade so it truly looks perfect.

When you purchase a whitening treatment at the store, you have no control over how much whiter your teeth will become. The treatments typically provide different results for each user. This is not true if you allow a professional to handle the treatment for you. If you feel you are ready for teeth whitening and would like to make an appointment to learn more, please contact Thomas and Thomas Dental. We care about all of your dental needs, including cosmetic dental procedures. To reach us, please call (602) 598-0338.


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