Plaque, the sticky substance that is borne of sugars we consume, coats our teeth and contributes to decay. So what’s someone to do about it? There are simple ways to prevent plaque through healthy daily habits. So what are some of the best habits we can use to banish that pesky plaque?

Begin With Your Diet

Eating well goes a long way. What we eat can contribute to plaque, or contribute to banishing it! Fresh fruits and vegetables can help clean plaque with each crunchy mouth watering bite. Dairy can help coat the teeth with proteins, making it harder for plaque to stick and propagate. Sugars, on the other hand, can encourage and help plaque. Staying away from sticky sugary foods is a healthy choice that can support your oral health and prevent plaque.

Impeccable Hygiene

This cannot be emphasized enough! To prevent plaque, dental hygiene goes a long way, and there are so many ways to support clean healthy teeth this way!
Flossing: cleans between teeth where plaque is most likely to hide, and hardest to reach.
Brushing: banishes plaque to the bathroom drain every morning and evening.
Mouthwashes: can assist in promoting a healthy oral environment where plaque is discouraged.
Sugar free gum: promotes saliva production and helps to wash away those pesky food debris.

Drink Well, Prevent Plaque

What we drink impacts our teeth just as much as what we eat. Enjoy coffee, tea, and other enjoyable beverages, but educate yourself on what is healthiest for your teeth. Drink tea or coffee without those plaque producing sweeteners, and always chase everything with water. It isn’t just healthy for you, but also promotes good oral health as well, and can help prevent plaque by washing away the food particles that cause it.

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