Choosing Invisalign aligners for your orthodontic treatment brings you countless benefits. However, if these clear aligners are not taken care of properly, oral health problems will arise. You could deal with the discoloration of the aligners and bacteria buildup that causes odor and affects the health of your teeth. 

We understand that you want to keep your oral appliance clean to prevent dental problems from arising. For that reason, Thomas & Thomas Dental have listed some ways on how to properly care for your Invisalign aligners. Read on!

  • While you sleep at night, bacteria can build up on your aligners. Thus, establishing a morning routine is crucial for your oral hygiene. You must remove your Invisalign aligners out every morning and clean both your teeth and the aligners thoroughly. 
  • Water is the only beverage you can drink while you have your aligners on. As for consuming food and other drinks, your Invisalign aligners must be removed. Food particles can get stuck in them, resulting in a stained and damaged aligner. Also, keep in mind that Invisalign aligners are not built to withstand the pressure of eating. 
  • Remember to brush and floss your teeth before you place your aligners back in your mouth. This is important because it ensures an optimum clean mouth. If you don’t, food debris could be trapped against your teeth inside the aligners, which can lead to dental problems. 
  • Soak your aligners once a day to ensure that they look and smell their best. They can be soaked in a denture cleaner or Invisalign cleaning crystals. Use an extra toothbrush to remove food debris or plaque after you are done soaking them. Rinse the aligners first before placing them back in your mouth. 
  • Make sure that Invisalign aligners are stored correctly in their case when not in use. If you leave them in the open air, you expose them to bacteria buildup. Aside from that, your aligners will most likely be damaged this way. Take your aligner case with you wherever you go to prevent this from happening. Soak them and rinse them before use if ever you leave them out in the open.  

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