It’s the most wonderful time of the year again! The holidays are best when filled with family, friends, and holiday traditions. Many holiday traditions revolve around delicious holiday foods that are very sweet. Can you keep your smile healthy while enjoying your favorite holiday foods? Read on to learn how.

Healthy Recipes

Traditional holiday foods don’t always have to be made the traditional way! Sometimes it’s good to celebrate tried and true traditions by adding your own touch. Enjoying your favorite holiday foods while also being mindful of your dental health can be possible by updating your favorite recipes with more modern and health-conscious versions that use less sugar, healthier grains, or remove ingredients that may be tough on your teeth.

If you’re unsure about a new recipe being as much of a crowd-pleaser as the ones you’re used to, it may be helpful to do a trial pre-holiday celebration with select friends or family to test it out. The more you can celebrate the holiday season the better!

Healthy Choices

Sometimes enjoying your favorite holiday foods without compromising your dental health is as simple as checking the ingredient label before buying candy, cookies, cocoa, coffee add-ins, and other treats. Sugar is a main culprit for causing cavities and sugar-free options can make a big difference in helping your family stay cavity-free while still enjoying the traditional treats and making memories together.

Healthy Habits

During the holidays, it can be tempting to neglect your dental hygiene, but with all the sweet treats and snacks constantly available, it’s more important than ever to have healthy habits. It’s normal to make exceptions for special occasions and enjoy some foods you normally wouldn’t eat every day and that can be ok! Enjoying your favorite holiday foods can bring a lot of joy. Just make sure to counter any extra sweets by taking extra good care of your teeth and gums. Brushing after enjoying a meal or sweet treat and flossing daily can help to wash away any sugary residue or food particles that may lead to cavities.

Healthy Gifts

It may also be helpful to talk with your dentist about any tools that can make your dental care routine more effective and efficient such as an electric toothbrush or waterpik flosser, in case you want to add them to your wishlist before sending it off to Santa. The holidays are a wonderful time and it’s important to enjoy them with a healthy smile!

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