Instead of wearing a mouthful of metal brackets and wires, patients now have the option to undergo a more discreet yet equally effective orthodontic treatment. Thanks to the emergence of clear aligner technology which utilizes thermoplastic. Instead of materials that are bonded on the teeth, aligner trays are molded to fit over the upper and lower dental arches.

For our patients at Thomas & Thomas Dental who want to take advantage of this approach, we provide one of the most popular aligner brands nowadays—ClearCorrect. Rest assured that aside from creating a customized plan for the treatment, our dentist is also willing to guide every patient who opts for ClearCorrect throughout their experience. To do so, we listed some of the do’s and don’ts to remember while wearing the orthodontic appliance.


  • Wear the ClearCorrect aligners as much as possible every day. Dentists usually advise patients to wear the device for 22 hours each day except when eating and cleaning.
  • Remove the aligners properly by pulling on both sides, then the front portion.
  • Utilize retainer cases, especially when storing the aligners to avoid possible misplacements.
  • Use the aligners for two weeks or so, depending on the instructions given by the dentist.
  • Keep the aligners clean by using a soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Make sure to remove the aligners when drinking beverages other than plain water to avoid possible stains.
  • Keep the old aligners and bring them during appointments.
  • Use the fingers to push the aligners in place gently. When worn properly, there will be no space between the edge of the aligner and top of the teeth.
  • Switch out the aligners as advised and follow the correct sequence. ClearCorrect trays have letters and numbers to guide patients. Letters will be U and L, which stand for upper then lower.


  • Biting aligners in place.
  • Use of denture cleaners, bleach, and alcohol when cleaning.
  • Chewing gum while the oral appliance is worn.
  • Wrapping the aligners in tissue or plastic for storing.
  • Cleaning the aligners by boiling it in water.
  • Smoking while wearing the orthodontic aligner.

In case the current aligner worn becomes damaged or lost, patients are advised to wear the next pair as provided. However, if the next trays are unavailable, wearing the previous one would work. Patients should remember that it is imperative to keep the teeth from moving out of place. Giving our practice a call will let us prepare the lost/damaged tray so that the patients can just continue with their treatment.

We believe that everyone deserves to experience outstanding orthodontic treatments. That is why we provide our patients at Thomas & Thomas Dental options, and one of them is ClearCorrect in Phoenix, AZ. Book your appointment with us and let us help you achieve beautifully straight and healthy teeth!


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