We all want to be healthy, young, and beautiful. One way to radiate beauty and youth is to have a healthy well cared for smile. Taking time each day to invest in the best first impression you’ll ever make, is well worth the effort. Here are 7 tips for a healthy smile to help start you on your journey to a healthy happy smile!

1. Make Oral Hygiene a Priority

Brushing and flossing are mentioned often by dentists and hygienists because they’re so important! Regular plaque build up can cause many problems for your teeth and gums, if it isn’t regularly removed through brushing and flossing. As basic as it is, one of the most important tips for a healthy smile is simply: Brush and Floss two times daily.

2. You Are What You Eat

Eating healthy goes a long way towards supporting your oral health. Sticky sugary foods, crumbly crackers, or acidic delights can proliferate plaque rather efficiently, entrenching plaque’s assault on your pearly whites. But choosing crunchy fruits and veggies is a good way to fight plaque, with every apple or carrot you crunch, you’re feeding your body good nutrients and helping to remove plaque. Cheese and yogurt bolster your body with healthy minerals for strong teeth as well.

3. Tools Matter

A good tool does a better job. Consider upgrading that toothbrush to an electric one, or make the most of your toothbrushing routine with an app that helps you time and plan your brushing and flossing to get every nook and cranny.

4. Be Proactive

Make it a point to check in with your dentist regularly, making sure that you can catch problems before they arise. Find out your dentist’s COVID-19 policies regarding cleanings and check-ups, and keep after your dental care at home. As far as tips for a healthy smile go, the situation for each dentist may not be the same in our current pandemic, but your dental office can help you plan how to be proactive and diligent in caring for your oral health.

5. Dental Care is Self Care

Know that prioritizing your teeth and mouth isn’t cosmetic or frivolous, it’s a way of caring for your body, and your health, and you. Don’t be afraid to invest in a healthier smile, either with whitening, or braces, because it has an important impact on you.

6. Accessories Matter

Flossing can be difficult, and which mouthwash to use? Choosing properly what kind of accessories make your oral hygiene routine easier and more effective is important. If flossing picks help you to floss more regularly and thoroughly, it is worth it to help prevent cavities. Sugar free gum that is always handy in the wallet or purse is also helpful on the go when you can’t brush immediately. Set yourself up for dental success.

7. Drink Well

Of all the tips for a healthy smile, don’t forget this one. Don’t reach for those sugary soft drinks, or the sweet caffeinated beverages. Cold clear water is the healthiest drink for your mouth. If you must indulge in a drink you enjoy, chase it with water to clear out any sugars, and keep your mouth cleaner.

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