If you’re dreaming of a whiter smile, you’re not alone. Many patients report they want a brighter smile. That can be on your mind even more leading up to big get-togethers and events like holidays. There are lots of options available, but it can be difficult to know which ones are most effective to get the results you desire. Here are 5 ways to whiten your teeth so you can choose the best option to achieve your brightest smile.

1. Whitening Toothpaste

Brushing and flossing is the number one way to maintain a bright and healthy smile, so if you’re brushing after meals and flossing daily, you’re off to a good start! But sometimes our teeth still need a little extra help. Toothpaste with special active ingredients to help whiten your teeth can be an easy option to add to your routine without doing any extra work since you already brush your teeth anyway!

2. Natural Methods

If you do an internet search for tooth whitening, it’s likely you’ll come across several suggestions for natural ways to whiten your teeth ranging from baking soda to strawberries, oil pulling to hydrogen peroxide. It’s important to remember that just because something is natural, doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Some natural methods can cause unwanted damage to your teeth in the process, and don’t have a track record of proven effectiveness, so always check with your dentist before trying a new method even if it’s totally natural. It’s just not worth the risk to experiment with your teeth!

3. At-Home Whitening Kits

There are many options for home use such as whitening gels and strips. In fact, Americans spend over 1 billion dollars a year on at-home whitening products. Make sure to follow the directions of whichever product you choose, as improper use can make your teeth extra sensitive.

4. Professional Cleaning

A professional dental cleaning is not just one of the ways to whiten your teeth, but can support your dental health in a broader way. Your dental hygienist may work to remove tartar and surface stains that can’t be removed by brushing at home, which may make your teeth look brighter and whiter, but may also help prevent cavities and gum disease. Win, win!

5. Professional Whitening

If you’re wanting proven results with the highest level of safety, professional whitening treatments are likely the right option for you. Professional treatments use the most effective, safety-tested active ingredients and tools to whiten your teeth and are applied under the supervision of a dental professional, so it’s not surprising this is the way that many people obtain the results they are most satisfied with.

Talk to Your Dentist

It’s a good idea to talk with your dentist about your goals for teeth whitening and what methods or products you’re considering using to get their expert advice before you begin. Your dentist has extensive experience with patients pursuing whitening treatment of all types and will be able to guide you towards the most effective and safe options that also fit with your goals and budget.

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