Back-To-School Dental Checklist Parents Should Remember – Phoenix, AZ

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Summer is officially over, and kids are now excited to go back to school. While parents may be planning to purchase a bag that can last for a year or uniform that can hopefully stay clean, they should also keep in mind their kid’s oral health. There were studies conducted where it was found that children with oral problems have lesser grade point average compared to those with healthier oral status. Those who experienced oral discomfort tend to miss out on school more.

Making sure that their oral health is in excellent condition can prevent problems such as tooth decay or cavities that can result in eating, sleeping, and speaking problems. Lower self-esteem, poor nutrition, and other health problems in children can also stem from a poor oral condition.


Mother and son inside the dentist's office


Here are the things that parents should remember when their kids go back to school:

  • Kids can have access to any foods at school, and without their parent’s supervision, they can feast on sugary foods and beverages. It is best to send them to school with a carefully packed lunch. Healthy snacks should be included to prevent harmful substances from harming the teeth and other oral structures.
  • Parents should let their children practice the 3-2-1 rule. Eat 3 healthy meals, brush the teeth for at least 2 minutes, and floss 1 a day. It helps guarantee that the overall health and wellness of children are adequately cared for.
  • If the child loves to play sports at school, getting a custom-made mouthguard should be performed. Mouthguards help shield their teeth and mouth against injuries or trauma. With it, parents can support their children in whatever they love while making sure that they stay safe at all times.
  • Undergoing preventive measures can ensure that the kid’s dental health is adequately preserved. Dental sealants, for instance, can help in setting up a barrier to the teeth that are in charge of chewing (molars and premolars). It helps in preventing the accumulation of harmful substances such as bacteria or plaque that can cause tooth decay and cavities.
  • Schedule an appointment at Thomas & Thomas Dental for Pediatric Dentistry services. These services ensure that children’s teeth can stay healthy and strong for them to enjoy back to school season. Complete checkups, preventive treatments, or restorations are available to cater to the needs of children for the proper care and maintenance of their oral health.

Help children enjoy school more by making sure that they are far from any dental complications. Follow this checklist for their overall health and wellness!


Your children deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Pediatric Dentistry services in Phoenix, AZ. Book your appointment with us at Thomas & Thomas Dental and let us help them achieve better overall health!

Whiter and Brighter: The Interesting History of Teeth Whitening – Phoenix, AZ

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The idea of teeth whitening has been available for thousands of years, and since then it has been improved to provide favorable and safe treatments. Nowadays the popularity of the treatment has been steadily increasing since it is highly effective in giving bright smiles that are wanted by many.

Teeth whitening kits are now readily available at drugstores and even online, but dentists do not recommend this type of products. Not only is it not potent, but it can also cause irritations on the gums or other soft tissues. The trays provided may be too small or big for the teeth to get full coverage for better results.

At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we are proud to offer both Zoom and Opalescence whitening brands that are highly respected nowadays. We perform the procedures professionally, and we can also provide take-home kits for patients convenience. Office take-home kits compared to over the counter products are proven safe and effective since it utilizes custom-made trays for each patient.


Teeth Whitening


History of Teeth Whitening

Primitive ways of keeping the teeth clean started by using thorns and frayed sticks for scraping the teeth clean. Civilizations even came up with their techniques for the improvement of the teeth.

  • Ancient Egyptians were the first ones who came up with a teeth technique which uses the mixture of ground pumice and wine vinegar as a paste. For them, bright teeth suggest one’s wealth and social standing.
  • Romans recognized the whitening properties of ammonia, they created a mixture of goats milk and stale urine to get its effect for brighter teeth but was later abandoned.
  • There was also a time when people were advised to rub their teeth with sage, salt, or elecampane flower is scrubbed on the teeth for its effects.
  • Barbers served as dentists at some point for the dental care of many people. To alleviate patient’s pain and discomfort they tend to extract the tooth without performing other measures. For teeth whitening, they will use a metal file to scrape the tooth’s surface then apply nitric acid.
  • The closest whitening technique was accidentally discovered by the 19th century. Dentists were experimenting with the treatment of gum disease when they came across a peroxide-based solution. The compound helped the gums and also has a whitening effect on the teeth.

Since then, teeth whitening has been continuously improved to provide brighter and whiter smiles for everyone appearance and wellness.


Give your smile a boost! Book an appointment with Thomas & Thomas Dental and check out our services under Teeth Whitening in Phoenix, AZ. We are located at 7150 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

Dental Checkups in Phoenix: Importance and What To Expect

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Excellent dental health starts with proper oral care and hygiene practices at home. Although brushing and flossing are the primary actions for dental care, these are not enough to keep the mouth entirely healthy. At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we ensure our patients’ oral health is properly taken care of with the help of dental checkups.

Why are Dental Checkups Important?

Dental checkups are performed to check the status of the patient’s overall dental health. As recommended by dentists, patients should schedule a regular dental checkup every six months for optimum care and results. The procedure can help patients get the necessary treatments they need for diagnosis, prevention, and restorations. By performing it routinely, it can ensure the patient’s that their dental health is taken care of up to date.


dental checkups

What To Expect During Dental Checkups?

  • For the first-time patient to undergo a dental checkup, the dentist or hygienist would need to know about the status of their overall health. It includes any taken medications, medical records, or any types of ailments. As for those who are not new to the practice, any new medications or health conditions should be informed for a better and safer treatment for each patient.
  • Teeth Cleaning is performed by removing plaque or tartar buildups. It provides a thorough cleaning especially to the areas that are harder to reach with brushing, flossing, and mouth rinsing. It also gives the teeth a smoother and shinier finish after polishing.
  • Once cleaning is performed, the dentist can easily check the patient’s mouth for problems. They would use a small angled mirror which can help them look at the areas that are not completely visible like the side or behind the teeth and gums. The mouth would be checked for any irregularities such as swelling or redness. Periodontal pockets, gum attachments, and spaces in between the teeth will be measured to monitor the mouth for even the slightest changes. Any changes can be linked to different types of dental complications such as oral cancer or gum disease.
  • Dental X-rays can be performed to check the areas which are not visible to the naked eye even with the use of angled mirrors. It includes the inside of the tooth, under the gum line, and even the bones supporting the teeth. It is beneficial to know if any minor problems are starting to develop to help the dentist advice precautionary measures to be taken.
  • The dentist will then discuss the results of the taken examinations and their findings. They can then provide advice or recommendations for proper care, hygiene, or dental treatments that the patient should undergo to avoid any complications.


Dental checkups are highly beneficial for patients, especially who undergoes the procedure regularly. It can help in taking the necessary or precautionary measures for better and healthier dental condition.


You deserve outstanding dental care services. We provide Complete Checkups in Phoenix, AZ. Book your appointment with us at Thomas & Thomas Dental, and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy smile. Our dental office is located at 7150 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

What You Need To Know About Halitosis in Phoenix

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Halitosis is a condition that requires more than brushing and mouth rinsing. It is not the typical bad breath people get in the morning or after eating something with a strong smell. Aside from being a source of embarrassment, halitosis can also be a sign of a severe health problem. At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we offer Halitosis Treatment to help patients have healthy and fresher breath.  

Halitosis Treatment

Halitosis, if not treated, this problem can continue to cause psychological distress and oral complications. To treat halitosis, one must know the cause of it. Here are some potential causes of the condition:

  • Dry Mouth. Saliva has natural protective properties in the mouth. When saliva production decreases, it allows bacteria to build up in the mouth which causes several dental problems including halitosis. Contributing factors of dry mouth are medications and smoking.
  • Food Particles. When consuming foods such as onion, garlic and other meals with strong smells, there is a possibility that it may leave small particles in the mouth. These foods can only cause temporary bad breath and not directly cause halitosis. However, the food particles could cause bacteria buildup that may infect the gums (which will, later on, cause halitosis) if not removed.
  • Dental Problems. Cavities and deep pockets in the gums (caused by gingivitis and gum disease) can be a hiding place for bacteria. When these issues are left untreated, it will produce a lingering smell.
  • Medical Issues. Infection in sinuses, nasal passages, and throat can cause a foul smell in the mouth. Some conditions like kidney and liver disease could also be contributors.

Halitosis Treatment

Mouthwash and mint candies can cover up the foul breath in the mouth temporarily, but these do not treat the source of the problem. Unlike these concealers, the halitosis treatment in Thomas & Thomas Dental can address the cause of the problem.

Since the condition starts because of the bacteria in the mouth, professional teeth cleaning will be done. The procedure includes a thorough cleaning to eliminate all hidden plaques and food debris. Also, the tongue will be cleaned to remove all the bacteria. If gum disease causes the condition, several periodontal services are also available to restore the health of the gums.

Regardless of the cause, it is better to schedule a dental visit for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Treat the root of the Halitosis! Schedule an appointment with Thomas & Thomas Dental for Halitosis Treatment in Phoenix. We are located at 7150 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

Importance of General Dentistry in Phoenix, AZ

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General Dentistry provides the primary care needed for your dental health that manages the entire mouth also the surrounding area of the mouth. It acts as the first line of defense for the prevention of many dental health concerns. Thomas & Thomas Dental is committed to patients in helping them achieve great oral health status.

Services we offer under General Dentistry:

  • Professional Teeth Cleanings and Complete Dental Checkups
  • Mouth Guards for both children and adults
  • Tooth-colored fillings
  • Crowns and Bridges
  • Inlays and Onlays
  • Halitosis Treatment
  • Dental Sealants
  • Dentures

What are the Benefits of General Dentistry

  • Evaluation

With the help of General Dentistry, a dentist can check the status of your mouth, teeth, gums, and soft tissues. The purpose of this is to look for bacteria buildups and also to give you tips for the proper care and cleaning by practicing good oral hygiene practice.

  • Prevention

The early prevention of any dental complications is essential in ensuring your overall dental health. Dental procedures under General dentistry can help in preventing pain, discomfort, dental infections and diseases from developing or worsening.

  • Detection

Detection of diseases, infections, and cavities have advanced nowadays. With the use of dental tools in general dentistry, even the indistinct signs or traces could be easily detected.

  • Restoration

If the dental complication is not easily reversed, general dentistry offers restoration procedures such as dental fillings. The procedures available can help in restoring the appearance and function of the damaged or infected dental structure.

  • Better Overall health

Having poor oral health can also affect a patient’s overall health. Overall health can be affected once your immune system is compromised. There are dental conditions that can be linked to different systemic diseases like heart disease and other heart complications.

Consulting a professional for the best treatment for your needs is necessary. The importance of general dentistry to everyone is not only for dental health but also for their overall health.

You deserve outstanding dental care services! We provide General Dentistry Service in Phoenix, AZ. Book your appointment with us at Thomas & Thomas Dental and let us help you achieve a beautiful and a healthy teeth! Call us at (602) 598-0338.

Cures for an Abscessed Tooth in Phoenix

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An abscessed tooth is one of the common dental problem wherein it is sometimes mistakenly thought to be a normal toothache. When your tooth tends to hurt and keeps you up every night, it is not a regular toothache but rather an abscessed tooth.

An Abscessed tooth is more worrisome since it is already an infection from the root tip of the tooth that spreads around the root. Once the abscess form in the tooth, the tooth already lost the ability to fight off viruses and bacteria which will, later on, lead to infection and swelling. If the abscessed tooth cannot be treated or if the infection spreads, you will need an endodontist to have a surgery called root canal.


What Causes Abscessed Tooth?

A tooth abscess is usually caused by poor dental health and hygiene, severe eating of high-sugar foods, clenching, or debris of previous dental work.

The cure for an Abscessed Tooth

Although Abscessed tooth can be avoided, some people are already suffering from this infection; to help cure the Abscessed tooth you must call your endodontist or Dentist to have a root canal surgery. If you are still not ready for a root canal surgery, some remedies available to relieve the pain.

  • Penicillin. The penicillin act as the antibiotic that helps fight the bacteria that causes the infection.
  • Incision and Drainage. This procedure helps to remove the pus that causes further infection.
  • Avoid Cold and Very Hot Foods. Extreme temperature can trigger the pain if you have an abscessed tooth. It is best to avoid it to prevent pain.
  • Pain Reliever Medicine. Pain reliever medicine can be taken to ease the pain. But still, it is temporary, and you are still advised to visit your dentist for correct treatment of an abscessed tooth.
  • Avoid High- Sugar Foods. It is best to avoid high sugar foods if you are suffering from an abscessed tooth to prevent a change in the alkalinity of your mouth and put the tooth at risk.
  • Rinse With Warm Salt Water. The warm salty water act as an antiseptic that fights off bacteria and relieves the pain especially if gum infection causes the abscess.

If you happen to experience a toothache, see your dentist immediately to have a checkup and examination and to determine whether it is only an ordinary toothache or it is already and an abscessed tooth. Having the right treatment with a professional dentist can save yourself from the pain.

Suffering from a severe toothache which can be an indication abscessed tooth? Contact us at Thomas & Thomas Dental for Dental Services in Phoenix, call (602) 598-0338. Our passionate team is ready to serve you. We are located at 7150 N. 7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85020.

FAQ: Is it normal to have sensitive teeth after fillings?

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Experiencing tooth sensitivity after dental work can be disheartening. After all, you went to the dentist to feel better! Decay irritates the tooth (which is why you needed a filling to begin with), and working on that tooth irritates it further, to where it can develop into a painful sensitivity. While it may feel somewhat uncomfortable, tooth sensitivity after having fillings put in or replaced is actually quite common. Your tooth will gradually get better and sensitivity will lessen, usually within a couple of days. In some cases, it can last for several months but this is rare. As long as your tooth’s sensitivity gradually improves, there should be no cause for concern.


However, there are other possible causes for sensitivity or pain after new fillings. A dental examination may be required to discover another source of the problem if your pain intensifies or does not gradually get better, even after waiting a few weeks or months. If you are experiencing this, come to Thomas and Thomas Dental right away. We strive to keep all our patients comfortable and satisfied, which sometimes requires going back into a recent filing and detecting any lingering problems.

Since 1996, our dentists and dental team have been doing just this for the people of Phoenix, Sunnyslope, Glendale, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas. Please contact us as soon as possible to schedule your next appointment with one of our dentists to address your painful sensitivity. We can be reached by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to taking care of your smile!

6 Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

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Drinking coffee, enjoying a few glasses of wine, smoking cigarettes, and other habits all add up to take a serious toll on the color of your teeth. Are you tired of off-white, yellow, beige, and just plain not-white-enough teeth? Brushing your teeth just doesn’t seem to take care of it. There is something you can do it about it! Professional teeth whitening is the best way to take years of damage off of your teeth and give you the pearly white smile you are dreaming of.

#1 A professional teeth whitening will be thorough.

#2 It will be higher-strength whitening that you can do at home.

#3 It is much quicker than doing it every night for months at home.

#4 You can’t mess it up, because it isn’t you doing it!

#5 It is quite comfortable, unlike over-the-counter treatments that lead to tooth sensitivity.

#6 You get to pick your shade so it truly looks perfect.

When you purchase a whitening treatment at the store, you have no control over how much whiter your teeth will become. The treatments typically provide different results for each user. This is not true if you allow a professional to handle the treatment for you. If you feel you are ready for teeth whitening and would like to make an appointment to learn more, please contact Thomas and Thomas Dental. We care about all of your dental needs, including cosmetic dental procedures. To reach us, please call (602) 598-0338.

Why is my Tooth still so Sensitive 15 Days After a Filling?

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Even after your filling is put in place and has replaced the decayed tooth area, you may still be experiencing pain or sensitivity. You could even begin to worry that something is wrong. Tooth sensitivity after fillings are actually very common, so there is no need to be worried! It’s normal to experience sensitivity for several days, even up to a few weeks, after your filling has been put in.

Why is this so?

The closer your dentist must drill to the nerve for a procedure, the less insulation there is for your tooth nerve against the food you eat and harsh temperatures. If your dentist had to drill quite close to the tooth nerve, you may feel more sensitive than others who have had fillings. This is no doubt uncomfortable, but not a sign of a major problem. As long as the sensitivity is not getting worse, you will be fine and it will eventually completely go away.

However, if your pain is increasing or it has been longer than a few weeks with severe tooth sensitivity, you should contact a dental professional right away. You may need to be checked out. At Thomas & Thomas Dental, we take pride in taking care of all your dental needs and would like to be able to help. You can also book an appointment online if that is more convenient for you. In addition to our general dentists, we also have four dental specialists who visit our office so that you can receive the dental care you need in one convenient location. We offer cosmetic and restorative dental services, endodontic care, periodontics and oral surgery to help you achieve all of your dental and cosmetic goals. If your pain is not subsiding, don’t wait another day to come see us.

Talk to our Dentist From Thomas & Thomas Dental in Phoenix, AZ.

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What Dental Bridges Can Do for Your Health

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When a tooth is extracted or falls out, an unnatural looking gap is created between your teeth. The supporting teeth on either side of the extracted tooth now have to work twice as hard to chew and stay in place. If you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, a dental professional may recommend a bridge to fill in the space left behind. This procedure “bridges the gap” left behind by the missing teeth.

A dental bridge is an excellent way to:

  1. Help restore your ability to chew.
  2. Aid you in speaking properly.
  3. Help keep the shape of your face intact.
  4. Work to prevent the remaining teeth in our mouth from shifting because of the space left behind by missing teeth.
  5. Protect your bite.

If you have a gap in your teeth and are struggling to eat or even smile, come to Thomas & Thomas Dental. We strive to keep all our patients comfortable and satisfied. Since 1994, our dentists and dental team have been doing exactly this for the patients in Phoenix, Sunnyslope, Glendale, Scottsdale, and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to schedule your next appointment with one of our dentists to address your need for a dental bridge. We can be reached at (602) 230-0811 or [email protected], or by filling out our online contact form. We look forward to taking care of your teeth and making you smile!

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